A downloadable tool

Password Hashing Utility


  • Type in "password", not required to be your actual password. (A code, phrase, etc. that only you can remember)
  • Select amount of digits final password should be (max 16382)
  • "More Security" is a place to put personal information only YOU should know. It is involved in the hashing for maximum security
  • Random (Hashed) password output consisting of UTF-8 characters
  • Specific Character Set Options if a specific website does not support Special Characters
  • Specific presets for popular websites' limitations for digits and characters (IE: Google's 100 character limit)
  • All offline; No information is sent from the program

Extra Information

  • In order to check a new websites' limitations, hit CTRL+U to get all UTF-8 Characters. (They are randomly sorted to prevent PayPal's password requirements)
  • ALT+F4, CTRL+Q, and Super+Q can be used to exit the program

Version 1.0

Released on Linux, Mac and Windows
Linux 32: Untested
Mac 32: Untested
Win 32: Untested
Linux 64: Working 1x
Mac 64: Untested
Win 64: Untested

Install instructions

  • Download ZIP file corresponding to your OS
  • Extract ZIP file and run the executable (x86, app, exe)


LINUX_32.zip 13 MB
MAC_32.zip 13 MB
WIN_32.zip 10 MB
LINUX_64.zip 14 MB
MAC_64.zip 13 MB
WIN_64.zip 12 MB